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Bloody Pulp fan art..

So I got home late , tired from a long ride back from the girlfriends house. I thought I would check some e-mail, and Zuda of course, and was overjoyed to see the comic I voted for, Bloody Pulp, had risen to first place!! My picks from the past two months have won, and I’m looking to make it three in a row.  So, a little excited, and to take a break from my next submission, I did a little pen sketch for Jeff and Jorge to show my support!! Good luck , I am geared up to see more from you guys!! Go to and favorite , rate and vote for “Bloody Pulp”.

Poor Mr. Parks.

Poor Mr. Parks.

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Green Lantern Vs. Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds is now tapped to star in two big budget comic book adaptation films. The first film was announced by Ryan himself during promotional interviews for Marvel’s “Wolverine”, Reynolds excited fanboys round the world with his confirmation on a “Deadpool” spinoff.  Now he has signed on as Hal Jordan, “Green Lantern”, in one of D.C’s flagship titles.

Both of these films have a 2011 release date, which has confused most and excited the rest. Reynolds working on both films may lead to one or both of the films suffering. Some say it will boost the hype and maybe even the budget for one or both films. I am a little confused. Deadpool has always been one of my favortie Marvel characters…maybe the one good thing Lefield gave us…but the Green Lantern film is one I have dreamed of for years. Deadpool’s character in “X-Men: Origins” started off strong, but( no surprise from FOX  ) writers fucked it up big time by combining other mutant’s  powers into Wade…ugh.  Green Lantern on the other hand, is almost too hard to fuck up, but I’m not holding my breath.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that comic book movies are now met with anticapation instead of rolled eyes, but too much too fast usually ends in failure. Look at the comic industry of the mid 90’s…the same fate could fall upon comic adaptation movies. I think Reynolds is a great actor, and I know he reads comics, so I’m not worried about him putting his all into both films, but money or time constraints (or both) may hurt his performance. Warner Bros. is apparantly putting a lot of bank in “Green Lantern”, so I know they will be expecting alot from Reynolds, but at the same time, Ryan getting both roles could push the budget for both films way up, as well as his paycheck.

I am excited for both films. I am looking forward to seeing a better interpertation of Wade Wilson a.k.a. “Deadpool”, but the GReen Lantern has the potential to be huge!!! Could one, or both, of these films suffer from the fact Rynolds will be working on both of them in such a short time period? Are you looking forward to either movies? Are you sick of movie studios jumping on the comic book band wagon? Will there be a backlash from a flooded market of the same genre? Let me know what you think!

How 'bout we throw aGreen Lantern Corps. ring on his finger and have a Dead-Lantern film? huh...anyone?

How 'bout we throw a Green Lantern Corps. ring on his finger and have a "Dead-Lantern" film? huh...anyone?

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The End is Near!!

December 21, 2012….the last day on the Mayan calender, and what some say is the either the end of the world, or a new beginning. I think the way the world is going, it will fall on the first….when it comes to movies any ways.

2012, the new Sony disaster movie, is about the end of the world. I’m sure there will be more than enough explosions and cheesy one liners to keep the status quot with the summer block buster lovers. I , on the other hand, am not a fan of all explosions all the time, although I recently saw Transformers 2, a bit more entertaining than the first but I was seeing red plumes of fire in my sleep.

I’m sure it will do well, unfortunately. I hate to see  movies with more F/X then story line, I’m posting this  because I like special effects, and this movie has some of the most gorgeous CG shots  ever. It may be hypocritical, but there are some slick shots in this flick!!  Have a look, and cower in fear…..bad movies will follow and do well….the end of the world IS near…at least we’ll be entertained when it happens!!!

Whats more frightening, John Cusak saving the world, or this movie breaking box office records.

Whats more frightening, John Cusak saving the world, or this movie breaking box office records?

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