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Just a little fun distraction

I was recently hanging out at the local comic book store, and a friend of mine mentioned how it would be cool to have a pic of him riding Devil Dinosaur. Every now and then I get to a point where I can’t work on the same thing for too long, or I begin to lose interest, and my work suffers. So what better way to take a break then by drawing Devil Dinosaur for my friend. I used to read the series ( I bought a stack of them at a garage sale) way back,  so it was fun. Marvel was kinda wacky in the 70’s, thank god for that!

So here you go Pete…dreams do come true! LOL

A reminder to those who are not familiar.

A reminder to those who are not familiar.

Pete rides the DEVIL copy

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All moved and settled…sort of.

Moving is never fun. I have a feeling I lost some things , but all said and done, if it didn’t make it through the move, than it probably wasn’t ment to be mine.  This post isn’t of any importance, just to reassure myself I am still relevant…lol, which I fear I am not. I did want to chime in about the whole Disney/Marvel thing, but I am going to devote a nice long rant to it later. For now I am happy to be able to update..finally. A word of advice to those who will be moving for the first time…don’t leave all your packing till the day before, and never expect you can do it in one trip.

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